Dustbin-120L -Plastic Dustbin

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Portable plastic containers – wheels for easy handling, easy maintenance and cleaning. For both indoor and outdoor use. Made of HDPE – high density polyethylen.


Product Specifications
Garbage Waste Dustbin with Step On Pedal & Wheels

Use this dustbin so that you throw away all your waste at once by gathering all waste from different places with lid cover.
Can be used for multipurpose in Office,Kitchen,Hospitals,Bathroom or Outdoors.
No more hassle for changing the plastic buckets usually due to breakage or cracks.
Wheels offered provide suitable support for easy and convenient transportation of waste from workstation to the main garbage area.
Built-in foot pedal system allows easy disposal of waste
The extra strong feature helps the bucket with long life.

Brand Generic
Colour Green
Capacity 120ltr
Item Condition: New
Package Quantity: 1